A Man and His Phone

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Hi and welcome to A Man and His Phone, a running story about the mishaps and miscommunications in the twenty-something dating world, where men and women are on different pages from different books, and they’re definitely not in the library!

Maybe you’re living these years right now, or maybe you survived them and can enjoy looking back, with a little bit of nostalgia and a little bit of “Phew!”

I hope you’ll have fun reading these little stories. Although they run in order, you can catch up quickly if you’ve missed a few.

Each new chapter is published on a Friday, under the title of Friday Fiction, but you can see all of them here on this page.

 Part One: Meet Jane and Chris

Part Two: Chris turns off his phone

Part Three: Jane gets Adrienne involved

Part Four: The elevator ride

Part Five: Who’s got the upper hand?


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