Who’s That Blogger? Ruth at Silver Screenings

Blogmaster:  Ruth

Blog name: Silver Screenings at silverscreenings.org

Type of blog: Classic film reviews and occasional book reviews of Hollywood history

Where in the world?  Canada

Blogging since when?  2012

What’s your story?  My loved ones politely asked me to stop editorializing while watching movies; they suggested I find a non-vocal outlet for my clever opinions. Which I did. Now everyone watches movies in peace.

What types of blogs do you follow? Film, Writing, Food, Photography

Early bird or night owl? Early Bird – I’m one of those people who wake up cheerful and bursting with energy.

Coffee or tea? Tea, with honey

Most recent binge watch: The Crown, although halfway through the series I decided I didn’t really like it, but it was too late to back out. I was in too deep!

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Who’s That Indie Author? M.L. Ruscsak


Author name:  M.L. Ruscsak

Genre:  Fantasy

Books:  The New Reign (Book 1: Of Lite and Darke)

Bio:  After a life changing medical event in 2011, Melisa started writing as a way not only communicate, but to put her thoughts and dreams in order. Not a year later, she would meet the man who would inspire her to not only continue to write, but to seek to publish her work. After a year of writing, the birth of Of Lite and Darke would begin to take hold. In early 2016, She would ready for print.

Favorite thing about being a writer:  Sharing my stories with others

Biggest challenge as an indie author:  Getting the word out about the book

Favorite bookThe Black Jewels by Anne Bishop

Contact Information – website: Of Lite and Darke

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Winter of the Gods by Jordanna Max Brodsky

Winter of the Gods
(Book 2 of the Olympus Bound Series)
Jordanna Max Brodsky


Columbia professor and mythology expert Theodore Schultz is enjoying a quieter life since his recent run-in with a violent religious cult.  As a consultant to the NYPD, Theo had nearly died last summer and now he’s recuperating nicely.  And helping him is Selene DiSilva, the striking and powerful beauty he met during the investigation.

Selene is mythology’s present-day Artemis.  She’s the daughter of Zeus, protector of the innocent and goddess of the hunt, virginity, archery, animals and the moon.  While it may sound great to be immortal, Selene and her extended family have found themselves in a strange state.  Their godly powers are fading and they are coping with the very human side of aging.  Selene is still very tough, however, and she uses her power to protect and avenge.

Selene and Theo survived the dangerous adventures in The Immortals.  Now they can relax and work on their relationship.  As the goddess of virginity, Selene must consider a more modern lifestyle and Theo may be the one to make her change.

Modern romance is put on hold, however, when police investigators call Theo to help with a new murder investigation.  A man’s body has been discovered on Wall Street’s Charging Bull statue and clues point to another ritualistic cult.  When Theo and Selene discover the cult’s evil plot, they rush to decipher the clues before the next murder.

Winter of the Gods is Book 2 of Brodsky’s Olympus Bound Series, an imaginative science fiction adventure.  In this story, Brodsky’s characters take sides in the battle between good and evil, with a few of them caught in the middle.  Within that fight are several layers of conflict between Selene and her family, who are often at odds with each other.  Can they work together to fight against an imposing, but unnamed enemy?  And does it help or hurt when mortals like Theo get involved?

Many characters from The Immortals return, including Selene’s twin brother Paul (Apollo) as well as a couple mortals:  Theo’s best friend Gabriela and the story’s sleeper love interest, Ruth Willever. As a fan of mythology, I enjoyed learning many particulars about these imperfect gods and goddesses, their loyalties and their rivalries.  Mythology buffs will appreciate the author’s knowledge and her detailed explanations of the Olympians’ complicated family tree.  I had fun imagining the gods using their magical weapons and other devices with mortals, including winged helmets and gleaming swords.  Brodsky makes the mystery real by placing many New York landmarks in the story, including Wall Street, Rockefeller Center, Roosevelt Island and North Brother Island.  A terrific scene takes place at Grossinger’s the now-deserted Catskills resort, shown below.

Grossinger’s resort in the Catskills. Image: Inhabitat

As they decipher clues and gain entry into the cult’s chambers, Theo and Selene race against time to stop the murders, with numerous obstacles. The story ends in a wild finish, with many twists, surprise heroes and a few hints at what may happen in the next book.

I recommend Winter of the Gods to readers who like fantasy adventure stories in which characters must pull strength from their innermost reserves to save the day.

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Who were the Twelve Olympians and what were the Eleusinian Mysteries?

These strong personalities get into plenty of sibling conflicts and when they appear in Jordanna Brodsky’s Olympus Bound series.

Book Club Mom

I’m more than halfway through The Immortals, Book 1 of Jordanna Max Brodsky’s new fantasy series and I’m excited to read more about her strong heroine, Selene DiSilva, known more than 2,000 years ago as the Greek goddess Artemis.

The Immortals
Here’s the premise of Book I:  Imagine if the Twelve Olympians from ancient Greek mythology were living among us, using modern names and working at modern jobs.  They have observed the passage of time in a way mortal beings cannot comprehend.  But time has taken its toll on these deities and some of their powers are beginning to fade.

When a crime spree resembling the cult of the Eleusinian Mysteries takes over New York, Selene (Artemis) wonders if the crimes have anything to do with the original twelve.  As Selene and a Columbia University professor investigate the death of a female historian, they find themselves caught in a series of…

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Mythology Refresher – Artemis and The Immortals by Jordanna Max Brodsky

Even if you loved studying mythology in school like I did, it’s always good to have a refresher! Soon I’ll be interviewing Jordanna Max Brodsky, author of the Olympus Bound series.

Book Club Mom

The Immortals
I’m busy reading The Immortals, Book 1 of an exciting new series by Jordanna Max Brodsky.  Brodsky’s star character is the Greek goddess Artemis, living in modern New York City.  These days she goes as Selene DiSilva and in her current life she spends her time avenging violence against women.

When Selene discovers a woman’s mutilated body on the rocks of the Hudson River, disturbing signs point to an ancient cult ritual.  As police detectives work to solve the murder, Selene starts her own investigation and calls upon her Greek counterparts for help.

I like this painting of Artemis, artist unknown. medeaslair.net I like this painting of Artemis, artist unknown. medeaslair.net

It’s been a while since I studied Greek mythology, so I pulled out my copy of Mythology by Edith Hamilton.  Here’s what Hamilton says about Artemis:

She was “Apollo’s twin sister, daughter of Zeus and Leto.  She was one of the three maiden goddesses of Olympus.”


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The Immortals by Jordanna Max Brodsky

Just finished reading Book 2 of this modern day mythology series. Very fun reading about Greek gods and goddesses using contemporary Manhattanite aliases! Stay tuned to a review of Winter of the Gods…

Book Club Mom

The Immortals
The Immortals

Jordanna Max Brodsky

4 book marks

When the mutilated body of Helen Emerson washes up in New York’s Riverside Park, it’s not just the city detectives who are on the case.  Selene DiSilva, a striking figure with jet black hair and silver eyes, has a special interest in the crime.  A former cop, Selene has made it her mission to protect women against violence and she’s not about to let this murder go unsolved.  Clues point to a violent cult ritual and Selene knows she must act before more women become victims.

The above description could outline all kinds of murder mysteries, but The Immortals is an altogether different kind of story because Selene is no mortal.  She is a modern-day Artemis, daughter of Zeus and Leto and goddess of the hunt, virginity, archery, the moon, and all animals.  Selene and her family of gods and goddesses are using…

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Who’s That Blogger? Sarah Brentyn


Blogmaster:  Sarah Brentyn

Blog names: Lemon Shark and my fiction blog, Lemon Shark Reef

Type of blog: I suppose Lemon Shark is an eclectic blog focusing mostly on my thoughts about life and writing and surviving the aforementioned.

Where in the world?  Ooh! I know this one! “Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?” Score ten for the Shark.

Blogging since when? I don’t really keep track of these things. However, there’s a handy list on the side of my blog so, with just a peek, I can see I’ve been blogging at Lemon Shark since…2014.

What’s your story? What is my story? “It was a dark and stormy night…” Damn! Taken. My blogging story is odd. Why? Because, although I have a blog (two, actually, I have two and, yes, I know that’s not a “good idea” or whatever but I have a fiction blog called Lemon Shark Reef) and…where was I? Right, although I have a blog (two!), I don’t consider myself a blogger. So that’s the odd I was referring to: I’m participating in a series on bloggers and I don’t think of myself as one.

What types of blogs do you follow? I follow all sorts of blogs: personal, travel, education, writing, book reviews, movie reviews, poetry, photography…

Early bird or night owl? Owl. I am definitely an owl. I’ve always been an owl. I love owls. (Now I’m just trying to see how many times I can fit the word “owl” into this answer.) Owl. Is that six? And, wow, I would love to sleep during the day. Like an owl. Seven.

Coffee or tea? Both. Coffee: I like my sugar with coffee and cream. (Credit: Beastie Boys and, then, me) Tea: I don’t drink “tea”. I know. I just said I did. I drink “herbal tea” which is a misnomer. It has no tea leaves in it so, technically, it’s not tea. I’m done. Apologies.

Most recent binge watch (or other obsession): Alias. (Just started binge-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Again.)


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