Review Policy

Every reviewer has a different approach to reviewing and rating books. I’m no different that way. My favorite genres are literary fiction, historical fiction, young adult, classic novels and short fiction. I also enjoy biographies and try to branch out into other non-fiction when I can. Lately, I have been reading more mysteries, suspense novels and an occasional romance.

Here’s a quick run-down of my rating system:

5 bookmarks – best of the best
4 bookmarks – excellent
3 bookmarks – very good
2 bookmarks – okay
1 bookmarks- didn’t enjoy it

I accept a limited number of ARCs and complimentary editions in exchange for reviews, as long as they fit into Book Club Mom’s blogging content. Any books accepted for review will be shared at the discretion of Book Club Mom and in an order that fits the blog’s overall content. Please do not send books in advance – email me at for consideration.

Thanks for visiting and happy reading and writing!