Threaten To Undo Us by Rose Seiler Scott

Threaten To Undo Us
Rose Seiler Scott


Threaten To Undo Us is the suspenseful story of a German family living in Poland during and after World War II. In this excellent book, Liesel and Ernst Hoffmann are raising four young children in a Polish village. But Hitler’s invasion of Poland in 1939 has put citizens with German backgrounds in a dangerous situation and alliances are tested. Many of the men join the German forces, but others, like Liesel and Ernst, just want to live their lives in peace. Ernst is forced to enlist in the German army, however, and Liesel is left alone to manage. As Hitler’s regime collapses, Soviet forces enter with equal hostility and Liesel must do her best to keep her family safe, and together.

Threaten To Undo Us focuses on the innocent German families in this region who are caught in an impossible conflict and tells how they are forced to flee their homes. Many families are separated and sent to Soviet labor camps, where they face harsh winters, disease and starvation. They must rely on faith and resolve to endure the brutal conditions, with little hope of being saved.

Although there are many books of historical fiction set during World War II, I enjoyed this one because of its different angle. I especially liked seeing Liesel’s character develop and strengthen as she struggles to keep her family together. And while the story moves at an exciting pace, the reader can still feel how its characters must endure long periods of separation and suffering. But this is not just an action novel. Scott parallels the larger tragedies with Liesel’s family life and struggles, adding dimension to the story and her characters. She also includes the question of faith as characters depend on an inner strength to survive. Its title comes from the Lutheran hymn, “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God,” a theme that is frequently referred to as Liesel faces adversity.

I read this on my Kindle, and, although there were a few issues with formatting, its presentation was otherwise flawless and a great entertaining read!

I received a copy of Threaten To Undo Us in exchange for an honest review.

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