Setting up the author website – it’s a GPS-worthy journey

Do you ever wish you were a little more high-tech? Or did you think you were already savvy in that realm, until you decided to set up a website?

I’m in the midst of setting up my father’s author website, ahead of his book launch in July. It’s almost ready, but there have been a few bumps along the way. For anyone who’s done this before me, maybe these top ten things have happened to you:

  1. You celebrate the news that the domain you want is available!
  2. You sweat as you try to learn about all the terms and conditions.
  3. You worry about how much is too much to spend on a plan.
  4. You cheer when you get through the above steps.
  5. You choose a host (WordPress) and feel good because you’ll know your way around.
  6. Your head aches when you see that your Dashboard has a lot of things you don’t recognize.
  7. You curse yourself for using the same email address as your blog.
  8. You wonder what all those plugins do.
  9. You notice that the wrong Gravatar is attached to your website.
  10. You spend hours and hours trying different themes and figuring out how the tabs work.

I’ve overcome most of these obstacles, but I’m still not ready to share. Do you just jump in with the work in progress?

I think I’ll tinker a little more…

Thanks for visiting – come back soon!