When your book club Skypes with an author – it’s a win-win!

Lawrence H. Levy via Skype with Book Club Mom


We had a special day today at the library where I work. Our Whodunits book club Skyped with Lawrence H. Levy to discuss the first book in his Mary Handley Mystery series, Second Street Station.

Mary Handley’s character is based on the real Mary Handley, Brooklyn’s first female detective, who was hired in 1888 to crack a well-publicized murder case (which she did, by the way). She’s a strong, modern, independent thinker who knows jujitsu and isn’t afraid to use it.

Levy was a great guest. He entertained our group with interesting back stories, answered our questions and filled us in on what’s in store for Mary Handley in book four. Many thanks to him for taking time from his busy day to talk with our Whodunits group!

Check out Levy’s books below, as well as my 2015 interview with the author.


Second Street Station
Brooklyn on Fire
Last Stop in Brooklyn
2015 Interview with Lawrence H. Levy

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