Thanks to everyone and these top supporters!

I want to thank everyone who takes the time to visit my blog. I appreciate your time and attention very much! Today I want to thank the following bloggers who regularly take time to read my posts and leave supportive comments. Go ahead and check out their blogs and websites – they are a fun and varied bunch!

LA  at Waking up on the Wrong Side of Fifty – LA describes herself as an aspiring curmudgeon. She posts thought-provoking questions about a variety of situations and shares pictures and stories about her life in New York.

Noelle Granger at Sayling Away – Noelle is Professor Emeritus at UNC-Chapel Hill, where she taught human anatomy and conducted research in developmental biology. She is the author of the historical fiction novel, The Last Pilgrim and the Rhe Brewster Mystery series. She posts book reviews and writes about a variety of fun and interesting subjects.

Jeff at Stuff Jeff Reads – Jeff is an avid and diverse reader of poetry, prose and comics and graphic novels. He’s a great interpreter of Shakespeare, philosophy and deep thinkers and welcomes comments of all sides.

Marian Beaman at Plain and Fancy – Marian is the author of Mennonite Daughter, a memoir that depicts her upbringing in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, along with revealing family secrets. She posts weekly about a variety of subjects on Plain and Fancy.

Pam at RoughWighting – Pam writes because she loves the written word, stories of fiction and lore. She shares that love on her blog. Pam is the author of Flashes of Life, The Right Wrong Man, Twin Desires and two children’s books, Birds of Paradise and Molly Gets Her Purr.

John Howell at Fiction Favorites – John is an active blogger and writes daily posts about his life in Texas, including amusing conversations between his dogs, Twiggy and Lucy. He is the author of five novels, including his most recent book, Eternal Road.

Lisa at Bookshelf Fantasies – Lisa’s blog is dedicated to life, liberty, and the pursuit of excellent reading. You’ll find book reviews, a smattering of all sorts of book-related topics, random thoughts on what it means to be a reader, and healthy doses of unbridled fangirl enthusiasm.

Jill Weatherholt – Jill writes contemporary stories about love, faith, friendship and forgiveness. She is the author of six inspirational romance novels published by Harlequin Love Inspired. Her most recent book is Searching for Home, published in December 2021.

Derrick K. Knight – Derrick is a septuagenarian enjoying rambling physically and photographing what he sees, and rambling in his head as memories are triggered. He also rambles through a lifetime’s photographs.

Jennifer Kelland Perry at Jennifer’s Journal – Jennifer is a writer, devoted reader and animal lover. Born in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, she left the city in 2010 for the rural writing life and is loving every moment. She is writes about her life in St. Johns, Newfoundland and is the author of two Young Adult books, Calmer Girls and Calmer Secrets.

Colleen at The Chatter Blog – Colleen is a talented artist and author and posts creative sketches and prose about the human condition. She loves discovering new things and feelings and is the author of several books, including The Yellow Door.

Charley at Books and Bakes 1 Charley is a reader, blogger, bibliophile, explorer, educator, hot chocolate enthusiast, Griffindor Girl and much, much more! She reads across a wide range of genres and posts reviews regularly.

D. Wallace Peach at Myths of the Mirror – Diana didn’t care for reading as a child –she preferred Bonanza and Beverly Hillbillies reruns, Saturday morning cartoons and the Ed Sullivan show. Then one day, she opened a book titled The Hobbit. Diana is the author of children’s stories and fantasy novels and several series, including the Soul Swallowers, Legacy of Souls series and the Rose Shield Tetrology.

Donna at Retirement Reflections – Prior to retirement, Donna lived and worked in Beijing China for fourteen years as a Middle School Principal/Deputy Director. Leaving international life behind, she and her husband retired to Vancouver Island, Canada and she documents this transition on her blog.

Annika Perry – Annika is versatile writer whose books span various genres. She is the author of The Storyteller Speaks, a collection of short stories, flash fiction and poetry, and Oskar’s Quest, a children’s story of adventure and courage.

Roberta Eaton Cheadle at Roberta Writes – Robbie is a South African blogger writer and poet. She also blogs on Robbie’s Inspiration and Robbie Cheadle and is the author of A Ghost and his Gold, Through the Nethergate, and co-author with her mother, Elsie Haney Eaton, of While the Bombs Fell.

Darlene Foster’s Blog – Darlene created her blog for writers, readers, travelers, dreamers, friends and friends she hasn’t met yet. She is the author of the Amanda series about a spunky young girl who likes to travel. Her most recent book is Amanda in Malta.

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Meet my top commenters!

Every blogger knows how great it feels when someone takes the time to leave a comment on a post. It’s the best part about blogging. So, thank you to these top commenters. I appreciate your loyal support!

I hope you will visit these terrific blogs, because they have some great things going on!

Jill Weatherholt – Jill is a talented author of three Harlequin Love Inspired stories about love, friendship and forgiveness: A Mother for His Twins, A Father for Bella, and Second Chance Romance. Jill is also a faithful blogging friend, making her daily rounds like clockwork, supporting many blogs and inviting bloggers to play her Would You Rather interview game.

Ritu Bathal from But I Smile Anyway – Ritu is an author and “a working mum of 2, loving wife, daughter, sister, friend to many.” She’s just published her second book, Marriage Unarranged, described as ‘Chickpea Curry’ Lit — Chick Lit with an Indian twist! Her first book, Poetic RITUals, was published in 2016. Ritu’s posts are creative, funny and down to earth, making you feel like you know her well. She always offers an encouraging word.

Robbie’s Inspiration – Robbie is creative in everything she does, from baking and designing fondant figures and scenes, to publishing the Sir Chocolate series of children’s books and writing adult supernatural and horror stories over on Roberta Writes. She’s always up for a writing or photo prompt and is an active supporter on WordPress and Twitter.

Jennifer Kelland Perry – Jennifer is a successful author of two Young Adult books, Calmer Girls and Calmer Secrets. She loves to post pictures of her life in Newfoundland, including her cats who prefer the indoors during the cold Canadian winters. Jennifer is also known for surprising bloggers with her Blogger’s Bouquets.

Annika Perry – Annika is “a versatile writer whose books span across various genres.” Her collection of short fiction, The Storyteller Speaks is all about love and relationships. Annika recently published a children’s book, Oskar’s Quest, a story of adventure and courage. And I’m totally jealous of her new custom bookcase, which she shared on a recent post!

Fiction Favorites – John W. Howell – John is an award-winning author of thriller fiction novels and short stories, including The Contract, My GRL, and Circumstances of Childhood, and is a highly organized humor blogger, sharing top ten lists, views from his neighborhood, personal reflections, haikus and responses to writing prompts. His dogs, Twiggy and Lucy are regular contributors to the fun.

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Blog views and other obsessions – something is shifting!


Something is changing in my obsession with blog views. I’m still setting goals and trying to reach them, but it hasn’t taken over my life. I don’t live and breathe it. It’s a hobby and something that helps me relax and get away from the pressures of life. It’s fun.

But now I think less about how many views and likes I’m getting—though I do check throughout the day ;). What I think about more is this:

  • What are my blogging friends up to?
  • Will they comment about a book we’ve both read?
  • Will my friends read and reply to the comments I’ve left on their blogs?

So what exactly is changing? It’s the sense of community. The positive feedback. The friendships. You might not get it if you don’t blog, but blogging is the best form of social media out there. In five years of blogging, I have experienced none of the following:

  • Feeling inadequate
  • Feeling unpopular
  • Receiving snarky comments

See what I mean? Blogging, if you can get through the first couple years of figuring it out, defining your “brand” and writing posts, you will begin to understand. Most blogs, like new restaurants, don’t survive the first year. But the reward is all these connections.

So here’s what I say as I wonder whether the odometer on my car will reach 100,000 miles before I reach 100K on my blog:

“Hop in people, we’re going for a ride!”

Thanks for visiting – come back soon