Who’s That Blogger? Jeff Japp


Blogmaster:  Jeff Japp

Blog names:  Stuff Jeff Reads and The Stub Collection – both on WordPress

Type of blog:  Stuff Jeff Reads:  thoughts on books, poetry, comics, etc.
The Stub Collection:  concert ticket stubs and my memories from the show

Where in the world?  USA

Blogging since when? 2011

What’s your story?  I started Stuff Jeff Reads back in 2011, mainly because I had joined an online book club and it was just not fulfilling. In college I was an English Lit major, and instead of going the traditional teacher/professor route, I opted to do technical writing (hey – it pays). But I missed discussing and writing about literature, so I started the blog as a way to share my thoughts on what I read and to hopefully foster some discussion with like-minded individuals. So far, it’s been great. I’ve met some really interesting people from around the world, and the blog community is very supportive, even on topics where we disagree. People in politics could learn from us, I think.

The Stub Collection is a more recent project. I started it in the fall of 2015. I love live music and have been going to concerts my whole life. And because I’m a collector (my wife would say hoarder), I have amassed a huge collection of ticket stubs from concerts I attended going back to the 70’s. I started to realize that the ticket stub is a piece of memorabilia that is endangered, as more and more concert goers opt for digital tickets on their smartphones which they scan at the gate. I decided to start making digital images of my stubs and sharing my memories from the shows (which are sometimes fuzzy). It’s a fun project, and since I have probably close to 1000 stubs and have only covered 96 so far, I think this will keep me busy for a while.

What types of blogs do you follow?  Mostly literature and comic blogs, a few art/photography ones, and several dealing with mysticism/spirituality.

Early bird or night owl?  Early bird, for sure. Usually wake up around 5:00 am, meditate, make some coffee, and then read/write.

Coffee or tea?  Both, but much more of a coffee person.

Most recent binge watch:  Man in the High Castle

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