Grammar talk: misspelled words and other confessions

Images: Pixabay

Everyone makes mistakes and I’ve made many over the years. Misspelling or misreading words can certainly get us into trouble, but they are also good opportunities to laugh at ourselves. Here are my top five:

  • I went a long time before I knew how to spell Connecticut correctly: it wasn’t until I was nineteen and got a job in a bank on Connecticut Avenue in Washington, D.C. – that’s when the head teller set me straight!
  • I always thought the proper way to describe my neighbors in the next house was to say “next store neighbors.”
  • When I had my own desktop publishing business, I designed a brochure for a small trust company, with a lighthouse as their logo, and misspelled “Beacon” on the cover.
  • Once I took a shower at a summer rental, misread the shampoo label and washed my hair with dog shampoo.
  • Recently, when serving applesauce at dinner, I put the shaker of cumin out instead of cinnamon.

What funny mistakes have you made? Leave your best ones in the comments section!

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