Winter storm watch

power outage pic

The house is nice and toasty,
Our fridge is working great,
I’m blogging on the internet,
And here I sit and wait.

The sky is looking cloudy,
The temp outside is cold,
We’re getting yet another storm,
This winter’s getting old.

My kids know how it goes now,
When snow clouds march our way,
The homework books and papers,
Will wait another day.

Expect to lose your power,
Says my accu-weather app,
I’m finished with this arctic clime,
I think I’m going to snap!

But tonight we’ll plug in chargers,
I have some books to read,
I hit the store this afternoon,
I guess that’s all we need!

When the power goes out…

When the power goes out pic

  • Showers are not an option.
  • Sleeping requires a hat and gloves.
  • The amount of charge on your device is the only thing on your mind.
  • Cooking is a whole new adventure.
  • The sound of other peoples’ generators makes you kind of mad.
  • People are ornery when they’re cold.
  • The library is a great place to warm up and recharge your devices!

I have managed to read a book during all this but, sadly, blogging takes a back seat.