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Wendy Janes
Author name
:  Wendy Janes

Genre:  Contemporary Women’s Fiction

BooksWhat Jennifer Knows; What Tim Knows, and other stories

What Jennifer Knows     OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Bio: Wendy lives in London with her husband and youngest son. She enjoys taking real life and turning it into fiction. Sometimes she takes experiences from her own life; more often she borrows from the lives of other people. When she’s not writing she works as a freelance proofreader, helping publishers and authors to polish their books until they shine. She is also a caseworker for The National Autistic Society’s Education Rights Service, helping parents achieve the right support for their children.

Favorite thing about being a writer: I love that moment when I’m chatting with someone, or I overhear a conversation on a bus or in the queue at the supermarket, and ‘ping,’ the flash of an idea for a story or a scene pops into my head. It happened only the other day when a friend told me that on the eve of her wedding, her mother made a throw-away remark about her own first wedding. Not such big news, except that up until that point my friend had had no idea that her father wasn’t her mother’s first husband. Suddenly her mother became a different person to her, and, of course, she had so many questions…

Biggest challenge as an indie author: My biggest challenge is reaching potential readers. That’s why opportunities to appear on blogs such as this one are wonderful. We all know not to try and ‘flog’ our books on social media, so I focus on having fun and reaching out by reading, sharing, and commenting other people’s posts. I really appreciate the great support for my writing I’ve received from authors, bloggers, and readers. Although being social on social media can be incredibly time-consuming, the camaraderie of the indie world makes it a lovely place to be.

Favorite book: Oh, this is such a difficult decision. Honestly, I can’t tell you how long I’ve been prevaricating over this answer! OK, I’ve finally chosen The End of the Affair by Graham Greene for its characterization, sense of austerity, vulnerable heart, and the utterly brilliant writing.

Contact Information:  You can find Wendy at the following sites: Her website wendyproof.co.uk; on Twitter @wendyproof; her Facebook Profile and Facebook Author Page; and on Google+.

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