Book Club Mom’s reading poll – vote now!

We all have different reading preferences and it’s not just about what we read. It’s how we do it! What’s your reading style?

Do you have a favorite genre or do you read all over the place? Do you like to hold an actual book in your hands or are you happy with a digital copy?

And where do you read – in a comfy indoor chair or somewhere outside?

Let your voice be heard!

Take a moment to answer Book Club Mom’s simple 5-question survey.
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What’s your favorite genre?

What’s your favorite book format?

What’s your favorite time to read?

Where’s your favorite place to read?

What’s your favorite reading beverage?

Polls will be open through Wednesday, June 26.

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Book Club Mom’s reading poll – what’s your favorite reading beverage?

Hi Everyone!

Today I am conducting a series of polls to learn about your reading habits. Once all the results are in, I’ll tally and report!

This is the fifth and final question of the day:  What is your favorite reading  beverage?


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Thanks for voting – keep an eye out for a tally!