Who’s That Indie Author? Deanna Altomara


Author name:  Deanna Altomara

Genre:  Middle Grade Fantasy/Science Fiction

Books: Ageless, Pi


Bio:  Fascinated by reading and writing from a young age, Deanna Altomara has dreamed of publishing her own novel since the fourth grade. She is the published author of two middle-grade fantasy novels, Ageless and Pi. While she is working on a sequel to Pi, she takes frequent breaks to try new foods, go hiking, and embroider.

Favorite thing about being a writer:  I love being able to create worlds and journey through them. I long to live all the lives I never got the chance to, and writing allows me to do that.

Biggest challenge as an indie author:  The most difficult thing about self-publishing is self-promotion. Besides being slightly awkward, it’s very time-consuming. It’s very hard to balance a steady stream of advertising and outreach with work and daily life.

Favorite books:  I honestly have to pick Harry Potter! Those books filled my life with new color and potential, and that’s something I want to replicate in my own work. I also love the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus books, as well as a few classics like Gone With the Wind and Dracula.

Contact Information:
Twitter: @DeannaAltomara
Instagram @deannaaltomara
Facebook: Deanna Altomara @authordeannaaltomara
Goodreads Author Deanna Altomara
Website: deannaaltomara.biz.ly

Awards/special recognition:  Future Problem Solving International, Best On-site Writer Award;

Future Problem Solving International, 2nd Place Scenario; Ayn Rand Anthem Essay Finalist; Outdoor Writers of America, 2nd Place Poem

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The Seneca Scourge by Carrie Rubin

The Seneca Scourge
Carrie Rubin


It started with a cough and a sneeze on an airplane, but it became much more. One sick man brought more than luggage home from a long trip that began in Nairobi and ended in the coastal town of Seneca, Massachusetts.

“Did you ever think you’d be caught up in something so big?” That’s what Dr. Sydney McKnight overhears in the hallway of Boston General Hospital. They don’t know the half of it, she thinks. Sydney is an infectious disease fellow when a baffling flu pandemic strikes and threatens catastrophic losses, with no cure in sight. Doomed patients fill hospital beds while doctors and nurses scramble to treat a puzzling strain of Influenza C.

Leading the research team is the renowned Dr. Casper Jones, a new infectious disease attending physician. He may be there to help, but there’s something strange about Casper. His perfect features, impeccable attire and unusual way of speaking raise flags and the more Sydney gets to know him, the more questions she has. For one, she wants to know about the new orderly, Jackson Bryant. She has spotted Jackson talking secretively with Casper more than once. What is their relationship and why has she never seen Jackson on her shifts?

Sydney’s part-time boyfriend, Dr. Mitch Price doesn’t trust Casper either, but for different reasons.  Mitch is certain that their cooling romance is because of Casper. Maybe it is or maybe there’s just not enough spark to keep it going. They hardly have time to ponder the reason, as more and more people fall sick. But Sydney knows she can’t put Mitch off forever.

As doctors, nurses and staff rush from room to room, and more patients die, they wonder if this is just the beginning. Strange as he is, could Casper save the day?

The Seneca Scourge is a dramatic medical thriller with a quick-moving plot and an exciting science fiction twist. Author Carrie Rubin hooks the reader with the story of a deadly virus and takes it to new dimensions as she examines the ethics behind developing a cure. Sydney hits many roadblocks as she tries to understand hidden motives, strange dynamics and big secrets. And when she finally discovers the villain, it may be too late. Can the story’s sleeper heroes beat the bad guys?

Rubin tells a very good story. Her style is casual and fluid, filled with subtle humor, interesting characters and a nice dose of young professional angst. Just enough medical jargon and descriptions show how hospitals run and the politics within, an added reader interest. The story’s finish leaves some unknowns, giving the reader a bit to think about.  It’s a well-crafted debut novel.

I recommend The Seneca Scourge to thriller and science fiction readers who like to jump into exciting plots. And click here to check out Rubin’s second medical thriller, Eating Bull.

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Winter of the Gods by Jordanna Max Brodsky

Winter of the Gods
(Book 2 of the Olympus Bound Series)
Jordanna Max Brodsky


Columbia professor and mythology expert Theodore Schultz is enjoying a quieter life since his recent run-in with a violent religious cult.  As a consultant to the NYPD, Theo had nearly died last summer and now he’s recuperating nicely.  And helping him is Selene DiSilva, the striking and powerful beauty he met during the investigation.

Selene is mythology’s present-day Artemis.  She’s the daughter of Zeus, protector of the innocent and goddess of the hunt, virginity, archery, animals and the moon.  While it may sound great to be immortal, Selene and her extended family have found themselves in a strange state.  Their godly powers are fading and they are coping with the very human side of aging.  Selene is still very tough, however, and she uses her power to protect and avenge.

Selene and Theo survived the dangerous adventures in The Immortals.  Now they can relax and work on their relationship.  As the goddess of virginity, Selene must consider a more modern lifestyle and Theo may be the one to make her change.

Modern romance is put on hold, however, when police investigators call Theo to help with a new murder investigation.  A man’s body has been discovered on Wall Street’s Charging Bull statue and clues point to another ritualistic cult.  When Theo and Selene discover the cult’s evil plot, they rush to decipher the clues before the next murder.

Winter of the Gods is Book 2 of Brodsky’s Olympus Bound Series, an imaginative science fiction adventure.  In this story, Brodsky’s characters take sides in the battle between good and evil, with a few of them caught in the middle.  Within that fight are several layers of conflict between Selene and her family, who are often at odds with each other.  Can they work together to fight against an imposing, but unnamed enemy?  And does it help or hurt when mortals like Theo get involved?

Many characters from The Immortals return, including Selene’s twin brother Paul (Apollo) as well as a couple mortals:  Theo’s best friend Gabriela and the story’s sleeper love interest, Ruth Willever. As a fan of mythology, I enjoyed learning many particulars about these imperfect gods and goddesses, their loyalties and their rivalries.  Mythology buffs will appreciate the author’s knowledge and her detailed explanations of the Olympians’ complicated family tree.  I had fun imagining the gods using their magical weapons and other devices with mortals, including winged helmets and gleaming swords.  Brodsky makes the mystery real by placing many New York landmarks in the story, including Wall Street, Rockefeller Center, Roosevelt Island and North Brother Island.  A terrific scene takes place at Grossinger’s the now-deserted Catskills resort, shown below.

Grossinger’s resort in the Catskills. Image: Inhabitat

As they decipher clues and gain entry into the cult’s chambers, Theo and Selene race against time to stop the murders, with numerous obstacles. The story ends in a wild finish, with many twists, surprise heroes and a few hints at what may happen in the next book.

I recommend Winter of the Gods to readers who like fantasy adventure stories in which characters must pull strength from their innermost reserves to save the day.

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Who’s That Indie Author? JD Estrada

Who's That Indie Author pic


Author name:  JD Estrada

Genre:  Urban Fantasy, YA, poetry, Sci-Fi, Noir

Books:  I am the author of Only Human & Shadow of a Human (Books 1 and 2 of the Human Cycle), the Daydreams on the Sherbet Shore (a YA short story collection of independent short stories that take place in the world of Draem), Twenty Veinte (a bilingual collection including essays, poetry, and short stories), and 4 poetry collections: Between the Tides, Dark Strands, Captured Moments, and Pensando en Metáforas.


Bio: JD Estrada is a Puerto Rican indie author who recently moved to the lovely state of Georgia. As a kid, he dreamed of being an inventor, he just never knew he would be just that and that he would do so using words. Fascinated by life and committed to capturing as many stories as possible, the main thing for Estrada is to push himself as a writer and create unique word adventures on his writer journey to connect with humans whilst exploring humanity and all its nuances.

Favorite thing about being a writer: All the people I’ve connected with around the world. It’s lovely to know I’m read in countries like Pakistan, India, Belarus, and so many others and that so many people want to share their stories as well as read mine.

Biggest challenge as an indie author: Having people give me a chance to be read, getting reviews, and sales are the three biggest challenges, although I think reviews is one of the biggest ones. I don’t pay for reviews or ads so I depend on people talking about me and my work. It’s lovely because it means that every time someone leaves a review, it’s because they really wanted to, but it’s still a big challenge.

Favorite book: The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman or the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling. Very close would also be Dune by Frank Herbert.

Contact Information:
Blogspot – For Writing Out Loud
Twitter: @JDEstradawriter
Instagram: jdestradawriter
Facebook:  J. D. Estrada
Amazon author page
Goodreads author page


Who’s That Indie Author? Nicholas Nash

Who's That Indie Author pic


Author name:  Nicholas Nash

Genre:  Mystery, Thriller, Fiction


Bio:  Nicholas Nash is the exciting new author of The Girl At The Bar, a psychological thriller about the mysterious disappearance of a brilliant cancer researcher and the quest to find what happened to her. Nicholas resides in the concrete jungle of Manhattan in New York City with his wife and three children. An accomplished finance professional, he has a passion for reading fiction and non-fiction books which inspired him to write an intriguing thriller. Nicholas hopes you enjoy his work. He can be reached at thegirlatthebar@gmail.com.

Favorite thing about being a writer:  Working at your own pace and interacting with readers.

Biggest challenge as an indie author:  Being good at marketing and promotion, in addition to being a good author. Wearing multiple hats basically and doing a good job in multiple roles to be able to get some success.

Favorite bookAtlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand and The Prize by Daniel Yergin.

Contact Information:
Website: authornicholasnash.com (under construction)
Facebook: @AuthorNicholasNash
Instagram: NicholasNashAuthor

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Who’s That Indie Author? Frederick Gero Heimbach

Who's That Indie Author pic

Fred Heimbach

Author name: Frederick Gero Heimbach

Genre: Science Fiction, Alternate History

Book: The Devil’s Dictum

The Devils Dictum

Bio: Frederick Gero Heimbach’s fiction has appeared at Every Day Fiction and Liberty Island. He was editor of the podcast Protecting Project Pulp throughout its run. He can be found on the internet as Fredösphere and in the real world as a resident of Ann Arbor, Michigan, along with his family. The Devil’s Dictum is his debut novel.

Favorite thing about being a writer: Creating crazy worlds and impossible situations, then inserting characters and watching them squirm.

Biggest challenge as an indie author: Getting readers to stop long enough to read the first page.

Favorite book: Tie: The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers; The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson

Contact Information: Follow me on Twitter @Fredosphere.

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What’s That Book? Things Not Seen by Andrew Clements

Things Not Seen

Title: Things Not Seen

Author: Andrew Clements

Genre: Young Adult

Rating: 4 stars

What’s it about? Things Not Seen is about fifteen-year-old Bobby Phillips, who wakes up one morning to discover that he is invisible.

Bobby is thrust into independence when his parents are hurt in a car accident and he must stay alone while they recover. Keeping his condition secret, he travels through the city of Chicago unnoticed and, along the way, forms an unlikely friendship with a girl he meets in the University library. He and his family learn a great deal about themselves and their relationships as they try to understand and reverse what has happened to make Bobby invisible.

How did you hear about it? I saw it on a middle school summer reading list and I liked the twist of someone being invisible. I also liked the cover because it made me wonder what was happening in the picture.

Closing comments: I liked this coming-of-age story. It has a science-fiction spin that makes it modern and, surprisingly realistic!

Contributor:  Ginette

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What’s That Book? The Bone Wall by D. Wallace Peach

Whats That Book

The Bone Wall

Title: The Bone Wall

Author: D. Wallace Peach

Genre: Sci-fi; post-apocalyptic

Rating: 5 stars

What’s it about?  The Bone Wall is a story set in a broken world of the future, with desolate landscapes, fouled water and pockets of what remains of civilization. Fear, old myths, and hostility separate them. The remnants of the old world are domed cities, protected from outsiders by power shields. After centuries of use, they begin to fail. Outside the domes are tribes whose social order is enforced via force and brutality, plus the magic of the “Touched”, who are members of the various tribes with physical deformities but magical powers.

Heaven is one such domed city, and with the failure of its shield, the city is defenseless to the tribes encircling it. What happens when Heaven is invaded by outsiders is told through the eyes of twin sisters, Rimma, strong-willed twin and vengeful, and Angel, gentle-hearted and peaceful.

I am not normally drawn to post-apocalyptic novels, but the author has created such a detailed and fascinating world with such beautifully crafted, very real, characters, I could hardly put it down. There is a very subtle undercurrent to this story of our own world issues, which lends authenticity and a sense of realism. A dark novel, but one with hope, endlessly fascinating.

How did you hear about it? Fellow bloggers’ reviews and comments

Closing comment: Even if it’s not your usual genre, you’ll enjoy the read.

Contributor:  N.A. Granger
Author of:
Death in a Red Canvas Chair
Death in a Dacron Sail

You can find N.A. Granger and information about her Rhe Brewster mystery series, at SaylingAway, Facebook and Amazon.

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The Martian starring Matt Damon – in theaters Oct 2!

Matt Damon in The Martian foxmovies.com
Matt Damon in The Martian

If you like science fiction and action films, you may enjoy watching Matt Damon in The Martian, due in theaters October 2. The movie is based on the book of the same name by Andy Weir. Jessica Chastain and Kristin Wiig join Damon in the film, which is directed by Ridley Scott. The screenplay is by Drew Goddard.

I enjoyed reading The Martian. Andy Weir tells a great story about Mark Watney, an astronaut who is stranded on Mars during a dangerous wind storm. His crewmates think he’s dead and they escape in their Mars Ascent Vehicle. How will Watney survive the huge challenge ahead of him, alone in a NASA habitat, with no communication and only a limited supply of food and water?

The book includes a great deal of science and math, to help explain how Watney manages. I was interested to read this recent article by Sean Cureton of ScreenRant who notes that the film is said to be realistic in the same way.

Following the example set by Weir, the film is determined to use only real science, with zero room for movie cheats, making for a veritable Robinson Crusoe-like adventure in space with plenty of Scott’s established eye for cinematic grandiosity.

The Martian

There is still time to read the book before you see the movie and you can check out my review here.

And to learn more about the film, visit imdb.com.


If you’re wondering about the potential success of self-publishing your book, check out Andy Weir’s story!

Andy Weir andyweir.com
Andy Weir

Andy Weir is a software engineer and has always enjoyed studying relativistic physics, orbital mechanics and manned spaceflight. The Martian is his first novel. He started writing it in 2009 and spent a great deal of time researching. It was originally self-published in 2011. He first offered it for free (in serial format) on his website. Weir’s chapters were popular and he developed an enthusiastic fan base. His readers urged him to offer it in Kindle format on Amazon. This 99¢ Kindle version was hugely popular and became an Amazon best-seller, selling 35,000 copies in three months. That got some publishers’ attentions. Weir sold the audiobook publishing rights to Podium Publishing in 2013 and soon after, Crown Publishing bought the print rights. Twentieth Century Fox bought the film rights the same year and the movie, starring Matt Damon, is due to be released in November 2015.

Now that’s meteoric!

For more information about the author, visit Andy Weir’s author website and Wikipedia.

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What’s up next? The Martian, by Andy Weir

The Martian

There’s a new movie coming out in 2015 – “The Martian,” starring Jessica Chastain, Kate Mara and Matt Damon. You’ll have to wait until November to see it, so go ahead and read the book first. That’s what I’m going to do!

I started The Martian this morning and here’s what I know so far: Mark Watney is stranded on Mars. There was a big wind storm and the rest of his space crew escaped on their return spaceship, thinking Mark is dead. He has no way to communicate and he’s in a Hab (that means “habitat” – I’m a sci-fi dummy so I had to look that one up!) with supplies that will only last 31 days.

Andy Weir has a nice and easy writing style and I’m already enjoying the story, so check back in a few days for my review.

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