Blog views and other obsessions – Shortlink

Using Shortlink to share your posts

You may have set your WordPress blog posts to go to Twitter when you publish. I noticed that the links in the tweets are long and not abbreviated the way they used to be. My last blog post looked like this on Twitter:

See how long the code is and how it’s chopped off?  I don’t know how to fix that, or if it matters very much to most people, but I am a little crazy about streamlining.  I recently discovered that WordPress has a button on its Edit Post page called Get Shortlink. It does the same thing as Bitly, but it’s easier because the utility is right there and it saves you a few steps.

If you want to tweet an older post, go to the Edit Post page and use the Shortlink button to copy the shortened link into your tweet.

Here’s what my tweet of the same post looked like:

See how much better the link looks?  Now I’m not sure why the book cover is bigger in the second tweet.  That’s just something else to keep me obsessed!

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