Audiobook: Never Let You Go by Chevy Stevens, narrated by Rachel Fulginiti and Caitlin Davies

Never Let You Go
Chevy Stevens

Narrated by Rachel Fulginiti and Caitlin Davies


Lindsey Nash thinks her future is bright. Eleven years ago, she escaped an abusive marriage and her husband, Andrew, went to jail. Now she and her teenage daughter, Sophie, are settled into Dogwood Bay, a little town near Vancouver, British Columbia. Life is normal. Sophie is a high school senior and a talented artist. Lindsey runs her own cleaning business. And there’s a new man in Lindsey’s life.

But Lindsey soon learns that good times never last forever. When Andrew is released from prison, the first and only thing on his mind is to find Lindsey and Sophie. Creepy things begin to happen. Lindsey is sure Andrew is following her and has been in her home. Will a protective order be enough?

Several questionable characters and sub-plots enhance this psychological thriller, which is filled with enjoyable red herrings. The author fills in the details of Lindsey’s marriage to Andrew and her escape in the night and develops Andrew’s character, first as a hard-drinking and abusive husband and later as an ex-con. Through alternating chapters, Stevens also shows what it’s like for Sophie, who has yearned to have a relationship with a father she barely remembers.

Through Lindsey, Stevens presents the dominant theme of the story: overcoming abuse and empowering oneself. Many of the story’s male characters have protective and possessive traits and it’s up to Lindsey to decide where and when to lean. Or can she only lean on herself?

Mother-daughter conflict also muddle up the events as Sophie begins to break away. New relationships and independent decisions wreak havoc on Lindsey’s plan to stay safe.

The slow-burning conflict builds to a wild finish and the final reveal suggests that you can never be sure who the good people are until a crisis happens.

I enjoyed this story and recommend it to listeners who are looking for an entertaining and suspenseful plot.

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