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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I’m looking forward to settling in with Reserved, a new romance by Tracy Ewens. Reserved is the fourth book in Tracy’s Love Story series. I’ve read the other three and have thoroughly enjoyed the author’s modern, sassy and a little bit steamy writing style.

Here’s a preview of Reserved, as it appears on Amazon:

Makenna Rye Conroy was living the dream—with an amazing husband and a beautiful new baby daughter—when one night changed everything.

Almost six years after Adam’s death, Makenna and her daughter Paige have built a solid, happy life together. Makenna manages her brother’s trendy restaurant, The Yard, and helps out at Ryeland Farms, the family business, all while navigating the world of private school parenting. Sure, being a single mom has its challenges, but she hardly has time to pack her daughter’s lunch in the morning, let alone think about dating.

Travis McNulty, the middle child and biggest disappointment of the McNulty clan, is a chef at his best friend’s new restaurant. He gave up apologizing for not being the football hero his family wanted a long time ago. In fact, Travis apologizes for very little these days. He loves creating great food—it’s more of a passion than a job—and he lives life on his own terms with few complications.

For the past couple years, Makenna and Travis have worked side by side at The Yard, bickering, teasing, and never taking each other very seriously. That is until Makenna has her usual reoccurring dream; but this time, instead of her late husband as the featured man, Travis stands in his place. Travis may be attracted to his best friend’s sister, but she’s a widow and a mother, which tops the charts for complicated in his book.

As the game changes, Makenna and Travis, with a little help from Paige, have to figure out what they are willing to risk to reserve a table for three.

Looking forward to reading Reserved soon!

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If only life were as simple as following a recipe…

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Who’s That Indie Author? Tracy Ewens

Who's That Indie Author pic

Tracy Ewens
Tracy Ewens

Author name: Tracy Ewens

Genre: Romance

Books: Catalina Kiss and the A Love Story Series (Premiere, Candidate, and Taste – out 10/27/15, Reserved – out 2/9/16)

  Cataline-Kiss-by-Tracy-Ewens-360x570   Premiere_cover4 

  Candidate_cover5   Taste-by-Tracy-Ewens-360x570
Bio: Tracy Ewens writes contemporary romance and shares a beautiful piece of the desert with her husband and three children in New River, Arizona. She is a recovered theatre major who also blogs at From the Laundry Room.

Taste is her fourth novel, and the third in her A Love Story series. Tracy is a horrible cook, wishes she could speak Italian, and bakes a mean Snickerdoodle.

Favorite thing about being a writer: There are so many great things about being a writer. My mind is constantly working. I like that. There’s always something going on or something to figure out. I also like the people I meet in my head. It’s such a joy to create characters and then watch them evolve through a novel. They tell the story most of the time. I’m sort of like a crossing guard. I make sure they don’t get too far off track. Writing is honestly the very best job in the world, and believe me, I’ve had a few other jobs.

Biggest challenge as an indie author: That’s a toss up between finding the right support and promotion. It has taken me a while to find the right team of editors, etc. When I was traditionally published, I wrote the story and emailed the manuscript. What went on after that was simply a matter of, “This is how we are going to do it,” and me nodding. Publishing independently allows for so many freedoms, but with those come a pretty huge responsibility to present professional work that can compete with the sea of traditionally published stories backed by large houses. Typos, mistakes, are a death sentence for independent work because readers tend to discount you as an amateur.

Promotion is really my own personal hurdle. There are more avenues for independent promotion than ever before, but I often long for someone to tell me what to do and where to be. Selling myself, my work, is not a natural thing for me; so when I have to do it on my own, motivate myself, it can be challenging. But, promotion is part of the deal and I get better with each book.

Favorite book: Such an unfair question, Barb. On a desert island, I can only bring one book . . . Great Expectations. It’s as perfect a book as I have ever read, in my humble opinion. J

Contact Information: Website:; Blog:

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