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10 Fun Facts About My Library Job

Library stacks public domain
Image: pd4pic.com

If you ever played library as a kid, you’ll remember that the main part of the game was checking books out and returning them.  That was about all a kid figured took place at a library and a lot of people still think that.

It’s been almost five months since I started my job at our local library.  Now that I’ve seen the inner workings of the place, I thought I would share 10 fun facts about my job.

  1. You won’t find a stern librarian shushing you. Except for a designated area, people don’t whisper in the library.
  2. Libraries are run like a business and we keep track of many stats.
  3. Snacks and drinks are okay. We even have vending machines.  Just don’t eat or drink by the computers!
  4. The Dewey Decimal System is alive and well. Ask a librarian where the books on history and geography are and right away she’ll tell you, “They’re in the 900s.”  If you ask me, though, I’ll have to refer to my chart.
  5. We can’t wear open-backed shoes on the job. Danger of tripping.  Too bad…
  6. Many of the questions I answer at the adult reference desk are about how to use the computers.
  7. You can learn yoga at our library.
  8. Mobile hotspot rentals are very popular.
  9. We have a TV in our lobby. CNN is up with closed captioning.
  10. This week, an embarrassed woman returned what was left of a book she had borrowed. The excuse?  Her dog ate it!

Did any of these surprise you?

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I got a job in a library! How cool is that?

photo:  viswamgroup.com
photo: viswamgroup.com

Next week I start a new adventure. My kids are growing up and I’m heading back to work. What better place for a Book Club Mom to land than the local library!


photo:  wisegeek.org
photo: wisegeek.org


They don’t use card catalogs at the library anymore, but I’d be ready if they did because I passed the Dewey Decimal test.



I may be seen pushing one of these:

photo:  childtherapytoys.com
photo: childtherapytoys.com

How cool if it looked like this!

photo:  pinterest.com
photo: pinterest.com

If I get really good, maybe I can join the library cart drill team and compete in the world championship! There really is such a thing. The American Library Association has sponsored the event for several years. Click here to read this interesting article from The New York Times, “Dancing With the Book Carts.”

photo:  glma.wordpress.com
   photo: glma.wordpress.com
photo:  flickr.com
photo: flickr.com

Most of all I’m excited to work in a place I have visited many, many times with my kids when they were little. And I’m looking forward to getting more involved in our community.

I’ll still be reading and posting book reviews. I’m sure I will get some great book recommendations at work!

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