Indie Author Updates – April 2016

Indie Author Updates

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Rose Seiler ScottFrom Rose Seiler Scott:

Threaten to Undo Us has a new cover and I’m launching it with a blog series on my travels in Eastern Europe at  Join me on the adventure!”

Allied forces are advancing. You are no longer under the protection of the German army. All German citizens of the Third Reich are to evacuate.

At these words, Liesel and her young children are forced to flee their home. But losing the only home she has ever known is only the beginning. The advance of Stalin’s forces into Poland results in a brutal regime of terror and uncertainty, threatening to destroy Liesel’s family at every turn. Her only hope?  A dangerous gamble, buoyed by a sliver of faith.

Threaten to Undo Us new

Based on a true story, Threaten to Undo Us exposes shocking history in the shadow of World War Two.

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Elizabeth HeinFrom Elizabeth Hein:

“My latest novel was released on April 1, 2016. Escape Plan is the second book in the Overlook series. Visit to learn more about the series and get a free copy of Overlook.”

Here’s a blurb from Escape Plan:

Escape PlanKitty Haskell needs help. After recklessly killing her lying, cheating, no-good husband, Kitty turns to her sister, Rose, and her good friend, Stacia Tate Curran to help her cover up her crime. Together, the women concoct a plan to make it appear that Seth died in a boating accident far from home, all while casting suspicion on his mistress. What they don’t anticipate are the dire financial consequences of Seth’s disappearance, the indifferent response of Kitty’s children, and the strain of guilt on their relationships. Kitty’s life is further complicated by the addition of a perpetually drunk heiress, an adorable baby that resembles Kitty’s children, and the intriguing young artist that shows up in Kitty’s life just when she needs him most. As their plan expands to include more and more people, Kitty is less certain she can get away with murder.

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Phyllis RingFrom Phyllis Edgerly Ring:

“I was pleasantly surprised to have the editor of e*lix*ir, an online arts journal, include an excerpt from my novel, The Munich Girl, as the journal’s fiction feature.

Click here to visit the e*lix*ir journal and view the excerpt from The Munich Girl here.”

The Munich Girl

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Maighread HeffernanFrom Maighread MacKay:

“Stepping Stones, an anthology of inspirational parables was released March 25, 2016 from Solstice Publishing.”


Stepping StonesSix unique inspirational messages to make people think about what they’ve been taught. Four of the parables discuss “what could have happened next” in relation to small stories taken from scripture and extrapolated. A fifth is a creation narrative and the sixth shares how to view the Creator from the perspective of an old eastern legend. It is the Author’s wish that in sharing her stories, the reader may open their hearts to the love, joy, and hope presented in these pages.

Stepping Stones is available on

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