Who’s That Blogger? Giselle Roeder


Blogmaster:  Giselle Roeder

Blog name:  giselleroeder.com

Type of blog:  History of WWII, Travel, Life in general, Adoption, interesting people, Health & Lifestyle, Books including my own, Love, Seniors and more.

Where in the world?  Canada

Blogging since when?  2014

What’s your story?  My book We Don’t Talk About That made a splash after publishing, was front page news in 2014 and I was advised to be present on social media. I have a webmaster who set up a website. After I learned a bit more I enjoyed posting my stories. I also belong to a Writer’s Group and the stories I write there have to do with my life experiences and I wanted to share! It is actually my main drive, to SHARE! I am told that my blogs are not just entertaining but always somehow educational. That’s my aim.  And, to make people THINK!

What types of blogs do you follow?  About new books of every genre, lifestyle, book writing & marketing blogs since there is so much to learn, travel, photography, animals, relationships. I enjoy reading about personal experiences of other bloggers.

Early bird or night owl?  My best time are quiet evenings. Often I get up in the middle of the night to write. Not just blogs, also working on my next book.

Coffee or tea?  Midmorning I have what I call “the second cup” – it’s the water run-through a second time on a used Keurig cup. It looks like tea but still has some coffee taste and is strong enough for me. Black tea rarely, but herb and green tea. My main hydration comes from water mixed with juice, cranberry, grape or apple juice.

Most recent binge watch or other obsession:  Chocolate! Oh yahh, I have to watch that! At least I look for the dark one. But I also watch the scale and know when to stop.

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When do you read?

Image: Pixabay

“When do you read?” My work friend asked me that today and even though I answered right away – my answer was “mostly early in the morning before the day begins” – her question got me thinking because that isn’t always true. So I lied a little even though I didn’t mean to.

Lately I’ve been sleeping longer than usual, so when I do get up I have to hit the ground running. I have a little pocket of time after the kids go to school, but sometimes that gets eaten up by boring but necessary chores.

But I do my best reading in the morning and can concentrate when the house is quiet. It’s my favorite time of the day and the perfect time to start a new book.

This summer everything will change with a full (and happy) house and different schedules, including the one where I make my group sign up for a shower time. But the younger kids won’t be getting up at 5:30 and 6:00 like they do all school year to catch the bus, so my reading time is about to get better!

Although I do my best reading in the morning, once I get rolling with a book, I can read it at any time in the day and that’s what I do. Sometimes I read standing up in the kitchen while I’m waiting for someone or something. Sometimes I catch a few pages while I’m sitting in the car, also waiting. I don’t like reading in public though, because I like to hide my geeky habit of writing down characters’ names and taking notes. Don’t get the wrong idea. I’m not writing a thesis. I do it because I can’t remember things unless they’re written on paper.

Unless I’m extra peppy at night, I can’t read past a certain time. I’ve always been this way and it comforts me now that I’m getting older. I tell people this when they point out that I’m not as young as I used to be. So the memory thing, that’s age related, but the falling asleep thing, that’s just who I am!

Tomorrow morning I’m starting a new book my book club friend gave me last night. It’s called Her by Harriet Lane and I’m determined to pop out of bed as soon as my alarm goes off!

When do you read?

Many thanks to S. and K. for inspiring this post!

Who’s That Indie Author? Laura Simmons

whos-that-indie-authorAuthor name:  Laura Simmons

Genre:  Fiction – Paranormal Romance

Books:  Little Bits of Karma, Tough Karma: A Race Against Time


Bio:  Laura Simmons grew up in northern Virginia and spent most of her career working for various Department of Defense contractors in the Washington, DC area. She has a fascination with all things metaphysical. She enjoys writing paranormal romance stories featuring astral travel, psychic abilities, reincarnation and more. She also loves jigsaw puzzles, bowling, vacationing at the beach with her husband, and studying tarot cards and other types of divination systems.

Little Bits of Karma is her debut novel and focuses on reincarnation.  The minor characters from that book had an adventure they wanted to share, and Tough Karma: A Race Against Time is their story.

Favorite thing about being a writer:  My favorite thing about being a writer is having others read and enjoy the stories I’ve written.

Biggest challenge as an indie author:  Selling and marketing my books.

Favorite books:  I have a fondness for time travel and Highlander romance novels. Some of my favorites are, His Enemy’s Daughter by Terri Brisbin, The Devil’s Lady by Deborah Simmons (no relation to me), Another Dawn by Deb Stover, The Clan Graham Series by Suzan Tisdale

Contact Information:
Twitter:  @LauraSimmons37
Website:  littlebitsofkarma.com
Goodreads Author:  Laura Simmons
Amazon Author Page:  Laura Simmons

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The Lewis Man by Peter May

The Lewis Man
Peter May


When villagers on the Isle of Lewis discover a perfectly preserved body in a peat bog, officials assume it’s from another time, long gone. They think they are looking at ancient remains, for bog bodies usually date back centuries, if not thousands of years. But when clues point to a violent and more recent death, investigators know they have a murder case on their hands. Is there enough evidence to identify the body and find his killer?

Fin Macleod has quit his police detective job in Edinburgh. The death of his young son, Robbie marked the end of his marriage and now he returns to his Lewis home, hoping life on the island will help.  And hoping, too, that he might fix his broken relationship with Marsaili and become a real father to their son Fionnlagh. Once a detective, always a detective, however, and he soon discovers shocking connections between the bog body and the people close to Fin.  Is there enough time to find the truth before the official DCI from Inverness arrives?

The Lewis Man is the excellent second book in The Lewis Trilogy by Peter May. It begins nine months after the conclusion of The Blackhouse, a gripping and dramatic murder mystery surrounding the death of Fin’s classmate, schoolyard bully Angel Macritchie.

This story is focuses on Tormod Macdonald, Marsaili’s father, who is suffering from dementia and trying hard to hold on to details about both his present and past. Fin is sure this information will help solve the mystery of the bog body.

The Lewis Man is a lot more than a mystery as the reader learns more about the characters from The Blackhouse and the hard life on the islands of Scotland’s Outer Hebrides. The influence of weather and landscape figures prominently with relentless rain, wind, an imposing sea and the constant shifting of clouds and sun. It’s a beautiful but difficult place to live, yet villagers hang onto their lifestyle and traditions with proud stubbornness.

Fin’s character develops even more in book two, shedding light on the reasons behind his loneliness, his loss of faith and need to find a place called home. As in The Blackhouse, May includes themes of friendship, love and religion and introduces new subjects, including family compromises, obligations and caring for loved ones with dementia.

I enjoyed reading The Lewis Man very much.  Although it’s always best to read the books in order, The Lewis Man could be read independently, as important details from The Blackhouse are clearly explained. It may be harder to understand and appreciate the character development, however, without knowing events and dynamics of the first book. I’ll definitely be reading The Chessmen, the final book of the trilogy and look forward to Fin’s now hopeful search for happiness.

I recommend The Lewis Man to readers who like mysteries set in a dramatic place and stories about characters and their search for happiness.

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Some thoughts and books for Mother’s Day

Wishing all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you’re being pampered today!

I’ll be spending the day with my family today, but meantime, here’s a Mother’s Day post from the archives.

Book Club Mom

Mothers-Day-2016-Cards mothers-days.net Image: mothers-days.net.jpg

As Mother’s Day approaches, I’m thinking about my mom and about being a mom.  We’ll be spending the day with my parents tomorrow, enjoying a nice brunch and honoring my mother.  I won’t have all my kids with me, but I’ll have the whole crew home next week.  So nice to have a full nest for the summer!

So in keeping the wonderful sentiment of honoring and celebrating motherhood, here are a few books that do just that!

Tommy’s Mommy’s Fish by Nancy Dingman Watson

Tommy's Mommy's Fish

If you don’t know this book, try to get your hands on a copy.  I’m told it’s out of print, but it’s such a wonderful story and a great one to read to your kids.

Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey

make way for ducklings

Mrs. Mallard causes quite a stir when she leads her eight ducklings through the streets of Boston, across town to meet…

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Who’s That Blogger? A.S. Akkalon


Blogmaster:  A.S. Akkalon (Alecia)

Blog name: A.S. Akkalon – Fantasy Author at asakkalon.com

Type of blog: Author blog. That is, I’m an (as yet unpublished) author, and it’s my blog. I give bad advice on all kinds of matters, such as how to use internet marketing techniques to write a successful job application, share random silliness, such as why you should get romantically involved with a dinosaur, and occasionally talk about reading and writing books.

Where in the world?  Middle Earth, aka New Zealand

Blogging since when? October 2016

What’s your story? I got serious about writing and publishing fantasy books, and decided I needed a log cabin to call my own in the wilderness of the internet. Right now my blog has mostly helped me make friends with a wonderful group of writers from all nooks of the planet, but in the future I hope it will be a place where people who enjoy my books (please let there be people who enjoy my books!) can come to get to know me personally.

What types of blogs do you follow? I follow a lot of different types of blogs for different reasons: the blogs of my online friends because I care what they have to say no matter what they’re talking about; advice blogs on writing craft, publishing, and book marketing to supplement the millions of books I read on these subjects; blogs of other writers to get insight into their writing and publishing journeys; and humorous and random blogs that make me smile, because smiling is even better than chocolate.

Early bird or night owl? I’m an early bird, meaning my brain switches off at 9pm, but on weekdays I blog in the evening because I have other things that have to happen first, like working to earn money to pay for my internet connection.

Coffee or tea? Don’t tempt me, I’m trying to cut back!

Most recent binge watch or other obsession: Burn Notice, because it’s funny and clever, and because spies!

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I knew more than Mom in the Mother’s Day Race

Honor our mothers, who know better than us, but let us believe in ourselves. Thanks Mom!

Book Club Mom

Mom - race

The only thing I knew that summer day was that I was right and Mom was wrong.  We sat stalled in my Pram sailboat, and felt the waves and chop slap against the flat front of the boat and push us backwards.  And when the wind picked up, we watched in helpless frustration as the mothers in charge of the other boats sailed past us, as if they knew exactly what they were doing and we did not.  It was the day of the Mother’s Day Race and Mom and I had been winning.  Our lead had been huge, almost an entire leg of the race course.  But something had happened.

It was one of those awkward times when, with no graceful transition, the child, with puffed up confidence, seems to know more than the parent.  I was eleven and I was sure I knew everything about how to win…

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