Who’s That Indie Author? D. Wallace Peach

Author name:  D. Wallace Peach

Genre:  Fantasy/Science Fiction


The Shattered Sea duology – Soul Swallowers and Legacy of Souls; The Rose Shield series – Catling’s Bane, Oathbreakers’ Guild, Farlanders’ Law, and Kari’s Reckoning; The Dragon Soul Saga – Myths of the Mirror, Eye of Fire, Eye of Blind, and Eye of Sun; Stand-alones – The Sorcerer’s Garden, Sunwielder, The Bone Wall, The Melding of Aeris; Anthology – The Five Elements; Children’s Book – Grumpy Ana and the Grouchy Monsters

What’s your story and how did you become a writer?  Totally by accident!  I’d dabbled in writing for years but never considered it a real possibility. Then a temporary move for my husband’s work left me jobless with some rare free time to fill. The dear man suggested that I write a book. Well, the rest is history.

How do you balance your work with other demands?  Balance is one of those things I don’t negotiate well. It’s one reason I never considered writing while raising kids or working outside the home. Now, I’m attempting to balance aging parents and grandchildren, and it’s not easy to make time for the laptop. When things get busy, what do I let slide? Housework!

Name one of the happiest moments in your life:  That’s an easy one. The birth of my daughter. It was true love at first sight, and that’s never changed.

What’s your approach to writing? Are you a “pantser” or a planner?  I started writing as a pantser and loved following my characters on the most circuitous tangents. My first book was a 190,000-word masterpiece – a horrible one, needless to say. I had to cut 63,000 words to entice a publisher to even glance at it. After two torturous years of flaying my manuscript, I became an enthusiastic planner.

Could you write in a café with people around?  Maybe. I like the romantic writerly idea of it. But I live a long, long way from a café, so I haven’t had the chance to try it. I write in big chunks of time and might feel awkward capitalizing a cafe table for seven hours.

Have you ever written dialogue in a second language? If so, how did you do it?  For Sunwielder, I wrote dialog in a made-up language! That was super fun, but very limited since other characters had to translate and I didn’t want to bog down the prose. I made up words and structural rules and learned to speak it. I would definitely do it again if a book called for it.

What’s your favorite book and what are you reading now?  I love the book Anam Cara by John O’Donohue. My mom gave it to me years ago, and the beauty of the reflections spoke to me then and still do. Right now, I’m on an indie binge and just finished Survival of the Fittest by Jacqui Murray. Prehistoric fiction!

What’s your favorite way to read a book: hardcover, paperback, eReader?  I love paperback books, but switched to Kindle about 5 years ago. That far, far away café is next door to the far, far away bookstore. And honestly, when I finish a book, I want to start the next one that moment!  And ebooks are less costly so I can buy more of them!

Do you think print books will always be around?  Yes, they’re treasures. If I love a kindle book, I’ll buy the print version so I can hug it.

Would you ever read a book on your phone?  I have! Mostly when traveling, and it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.

What’s your go-to device? iPhone, Android or something else?  A giant laptop at home, and an old cracked iPhone on the road. I used to rely on an old cracked iPad, but it’s so slow now that I can’t bear it. (I tend to drop my electronics).

How long could you go without checking your phone?  Could I go? Months. I’m a hermit and can survive without human contact for decades. But that would be rude, so I check email once every couple of hours on my laptop.

Do you listen to audiobooks? If you do, what do you do while you’re listening?  I don’t, but I want to! I just have to figure out all the new-fangled technology and cough up the bucks for Audible. What would I do while listening? Drive, exercise, garden, housework, you name it.

Do you like using social media to promote yourself and your book? If so, what’s your favorite platform?  I love WordPress, and it’s my go-to platform. I cherish the community, the kindness, the laughter and tears, all the fun that I share with this talented bunch of people. The rest of social media I could take or leave and don’t make much time for. Blogging takes a lot of time away from writing, but it’s worth it to this old hermit.

Website and social media links:
Blog: mythsofthemirror.com
Website: dwallacepeachbooks.com
Twitter: @Dwallacepeach

Awards/special recognition:  Stay tuned.

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56 thoughts on “Who’s That Indie Author? D. Wallace Peach

  1. An extremely likable personality radiates through this interview (besides yours, Barb 😉 and I’m enormously impressed with Ms. Peach’s prolific output in such a relatively short time! Thank you for bringing D. Wallace Peach to my attention 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for the kind comment, Jan. You gave me a huge smile. It was pure fun to answer Barb’s questions and a delight to be here on her blog. Have a lovely day. 😀

  2. Diana is one of my favorite people I’ve met through WP and now I know why…I could go months without checking my phone, too! How great to learn more about her today. Thanks, Barbara!

    1. Months, Jill. I’m not surprised to learn that you’re an introvert too. So many of us are. Thanks for taking the time to read the interview. This was fun to do and a nice break from my other duties. Happy Writing!

  3. Thanks so much for the fun questions and for posting the interview, Barb. I’m so appreciative of your kindness in sharing your blog and promoting indie authors. Have a wonderful day and weekend ahead.

    1. Yeah! 😀 A delight to find Diana on your blog and learn more about her! I’m smiling how she fell into writing on a suggestion from her husband … wise man! It changed her life and I bet she couldn’t imagine her life without it! A consummate professional and creative literary artist!

      1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Annika. My husband actually regrets the suggestion, I think, because he lost his wife to a laptop. Ha ha. Honestly, it would be hard to devote so many hours to writing without a kind and supportive partner. Have a wonderful day, and Happy Writing!

  4. Hi Barbara, It was a pleasure reading your interview with Diana. While she doesn’t write in a cafe because of its distance, I don’t because I like the comforts of home, and privacy. 🙂

    1. Another plus to writing at home, Norah. The privacy is key when I’m writing a sad scene and blubbering into a tissue. Lol. Thanks for the visit and have a wonderful Friday and weekend!

      1. Yes, when I someday write my Great American Novel, I think I will need complete silence to get it done!! 😉 Thanks for the visit, Norah!

    1. Thanks for the visit and comment, Staci. Much appreciated. I think many of us are introverts, or we’d climb the walls after sitting by ourselves writing all day. To introverts, it’s heaven. Happy Writing, my talented friend. ❤

  5. A lovely interview, Barbara. So nice to learn more about Diana. 🙂
    HI there, Diana! I hadn’t realized how much of an introvert you are. We seem to have plenty of company in the writing world. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the visit, Jennifer. I think you live in a wonderful place to be an introverted writer. 🙂 I’m always jealous when I see photos of your home and beach. Have a wonderful peaceful weekend and Happy Writing!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by, Sally. I’m trying to spend a little time blogging each day while attending to other matters, and Barbara’s interview is a great excuse to carve out a few minutes. Have a lovely weekend. ❤

      1. I think it would be hard to write books and maintain a blog – blogging alone can be time consuming! It’s a good thing I like that 🙂

  6. Great to meet you, Diana! I think I may even have one of your books lingering in my Kindle app. As for audiobooks, she may not need to cough up any money. Many local libraries now have audiobooks you can download directly to your phone/other mobile device for free (says the audiobook addict…).

    1. Thanks so much for the tip, Tammie! You’re wonderful. I’m listening to books on my iphone right now as I’m spending a lot of time driving to care for my parents. But Siri is a rather monotone narrator. Ha ha. I’ll have to stop by my library and see if they have audiobooks for download. Have a wonderful day and Happy Reading!

      1. Yes, it’s a great way to do that – since I work in a library I can tell you that more and more, audiobooks are taking a prominent place in our “check-outs”

  7. Fantastic interview ladies. Diana, I always enjoying learning more about you through these interviews. We do have similarities, lol. I’m like you. My phone gets turned on and sometimes I’ll answer if it rings. It’s there. It’s not another appendage for me, I’ll get to a text when I’ll get to it, lol. I live on my laptop, not my phone, 🙂

    1. Yes, me too, Debby, on the laptop over the phone. However, you are a social media whiz from what I can tell. I am just terrible at juggling it all. Thanks for the visit and the kind commment. Barbara offers a fun interview and is incredibly kind to feature indies. Happy Weekend, my friend. ❤

      1. Thanks so much Barbara. Yes, I sure am, and nice to see many of my friends here. I will definitely send you an email. Thanks again. 🙂

    2. Thank you for reading, Debby. It’s fun to share our technology habits – I think we should all break up with our phones, but they are necessary at times. Most things I prefer to do on my laptop because I get tired of tapping with my thumbs! I’m glad you enjoyed the interview!

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