Book Club Mom’s July recap – walking, planting, reading and dreaming

We’re still in the middle of summer, but when July comes to a close, I always feel the rush of days and weeks, hurtling towards fall. And even though fall is my favorite season, my house will be a little less full in a month…children leaving the nest.

I’m also in the middle of my library’s summer reading challenge. This year, it’s called A Universe of Stories, created to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing. So I’ve been reading and listening to books outside my usual genres, to complete different categories of the challenge. I listened to two audio books on my walks and I managed to squeeze in a couple books of my own choice, too!

Check out my reviews here:

Sounds Like Titanic by Jessica Chiccehitto Hindman

Audiobook review: Roar by Cecelia Ahern

Honor Girl – A Graphic Memoir by Maggie Thrash

Audiobook review: Orange Is the New Black by Piper Kerman,
narrated by Cassandra Campbell

Those People by Louise Candlish

I was happy to meet a new (to me) indie author, Jennifer S. Alderson. If you haven’t met Jennifer yet, please stop by and say hello!

Who’s That Indie Author? Jennifer S. Alderson

If you are a self-published or indie author and would like to be featured, email me at for more information.

I also posted and author update for Geoffrey M. Cooper. His new medical thriller, Nondisclosure, is available now:

BC Mom’s Author Update: new medical thriller by Geoffrey M. Cooper

I also did a little dreaming this month, wishing for unlimited time to read some best sellers and some classics.

Book Club Mom’s dream list TBR

Book Club Mom’s classic dream list TBR

There have been more Friday Fiction shenanigans in a new chapter of “A Man and His Phone.” Feel free to jump into this little series and relive the drama of the twenty-something dating world!

Friday Fiction – A Man and His Phone

Images: Pixabay

I like to think about grammar and new word uses – can you relate to that? Here’s a post about the more recent trend of the word “relatable.”

Grammar check – is relatable a real word?

After reading Those People by Louise Candlish, I thought about all the despicable characters in books I have read, and then I made a list!

Books with unlikable characters – can you add to the list?

I watched The Right Stuff movie as part of the Universe of Stories challenge. Even though there was a lot of hype about the movie when it was released in 1983, I had never seen it!

The Right Stuff – the book by Tom Wolfe, the 1983 movie and how we got to the moon

And last, I was happy to be featured on Norah Colvin’s blog in her special School Days, Reminiscences feature. Be sure to visit Norah’s blog below:

School Days, Reminiscences of Barbara Vitelli

Did you have a good month? What was the best book you read? For me, I’d say Sounds Like Titanic.

Thanks for visiting – come back soon!

20 thoughts on “Book Club Mom’s July recap – walking, planting, reading and dreaming

      1. I do like stories about the frontier – such different times – our modern lives are so complicated, but those years were full of struggles and danger. Thanks for stopping by, Robbie!

  1. That’s a lot of reading and wishful reading, Barbara. Thanks for sharing your school days reminiscences with your readers too. I’m sure they will enjoy learning a little more about you.

  2. Am I allowed to admit that I didn’t read one book in July? It’s the truth and there are reasons why, but I fear that by sharing this I’ll be banned from this blog.

    1. Oh I would never do that! I have down months too and I’ll admit sometimes I don’t feel like reading and would rather watch an episode of The Office or just sit and stare. Plus there are many things I need to do outside of the blog – in my real life!

  3. I love this summary and your TBR list. I can enthusiastically recommend Eleanor (squarely on my list of all-time favorites). I can also recommend The Woman in the Window and An American Marriage with a few caveats. 🙂 The Mother in Law is on my TBR this month because… I have one of those, and the others I will be checking out. Thank you for the update. I look forward to hearing what you think of Eleanor. Based on the reviews she is not for everyone, but wow how I loved her. 🙂

    1. I’ve only heard good things about Eleanor – and I stay away from reviews until after I finish. I’m glad you liked all those other books too – I’ve been so busy lately, but all I can think about is how much I just want to read! Thanks so much for reading and commenting, Tracy!

  4. I love July and I moan when it turns to August for the same reason you say. Just one month away then from the warmth and relaxation of the summer, and one month closer to the hustle and bustle and fall. I love fall also, but summer is so sweet. I just finished reading The City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert and really enjoyed it. I’m going to look for Sounds like Titanic.

    1. Hi Pam – I’ve saw that Elizabeth Gilbert published a fiction book. That’s interesting. I’m glad you liked it. If you get to Sounds LIke Titanic, tell me what you think – it’s not getting a lot of exposure, but I thought it was very good. Thanks for the visit – I feel like summer is over and, even though fall is my favorite season, my nest will be nearly empty in a couple weeks…

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