Youngblood Hawke playlist on Spotify!

Hi Everyone,

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that my all-time favorite book is Youngblood Hawke by Herman Wouk. It’s the story of a young author from the coal mines of Kentucky who arrives in New York and becomes a hugely successful and prolific novelist. Publishers, agents, Broadway producers, filmmakers, real estate developers and, of course, women, all want a piece of this larger-than-life, good-natured and ambitious personality. Hawke’s goal all along is to make enough money so that he can really get down to business and write his most serious work, something he calls his American Comedy. You can read more about Youngblood Hawke here and watch my YouTube video here.

Book Club Mom’s favorite book

Today I’m sharing a Spotify playlist of songs I selected to complement your reading experience! Even if you’re not on Spotify, you can still see the songs I selected. I had fun putting it together and hope you’ll check it out!

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30 thoughts on “Youngblood Hawke playlist on Spotify!

    1. That can be hard. I can read with a lot going on, but only if it’s fiction. Definitely not nonfiction. I have not tried writing while listening to music. I think if there are no lyrices I would be okay. Thanks, Jill. And yes, I loved Supertramp in high school too!

    1. Hi Derrick – yes that’s a drawback of the music streaming apps. You can set up a free account, though, if you’re inclined to check out the music. I was going to do the playlist on Soundcloud, but the songs are all premium songs on there and require a paid account.

  1. What a fun idea! Thank you for putting this together. I remember being so intimidated by reading Youngblood Hawke (because of its length), but since you loved it so much, I did it. I did it! Now you know how much I value your opinions and reviews, haha! Great post!

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