BC Mom’s Author Update: new medical thriller by Geoffrey M. Cooper

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Announcing the release of Nondisclosure

After publishing his award-winning debut medical thriller, The Prize, Geoffrey Cooper has been hard at work. Earlier this month, he announced the release of his second novel, Nondisclosure.

Nondisclosure is a medical thriller dealing with a case of sexual harassment that escalates to rape and murder. When a leading professor at a top-tier medical research institute accuses a colleague of drugging and sexually assaulting a student, department chair Brad Parker and university detective Karen Richmond join forces to investigate, only to be stymied by a victim who can’t remember what happened. But as fragments of memory resurface, she’s brutally attacked and murdered. The conclusion is obvious, but in the absence of forensic evidence, police hit a wall—until Brad and Karen’s inquiries take an unexpected turn that not only threatens their own lives, but exposes a cover-up at the highest levels of the university.

Geoffrey M. Cooper is a retired cancer researcher and scientific administrator, having held positions at Harvard Medical School and Boston University. He is the author of a leading cell biology text, The Cell, as well as several books on cancer, and is now using his background in academic research to write medical fiction.

Learn more about Geoffrey Cooper and his books at geofcooper.com

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  1. I was mesmerized while reading the synopsis of Cooper’s new book, so I can imagine that the entire book will be well-done. Many times, the synopsis is the hardest thing to write! Thanks for telling us about Geoffrey Cooper and his research background and now his books.

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